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Do you want to make money online? Is it possible to make money on the Internet? YES! But how? How do you choose the right ways to actually ways to actually make money instead of losing it? How do you avoid getting spammed and scammed? How do you recognize the money making opportunity from the scam?

For many years, we have explored different ways to make money online/on the Internet, and we have compiled this site packed with general Tips and Links to help you make money online!

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Making Money Site News
This site is being constantly updated to make sure it contains the latest and most accurate information to help you start making money online. Check back reguarly!

1st December 2005 – Download Piggy Cash today and receive new updates on all the latest survey offers that will pay you cash and give you rewards for your opinions! (US only) Click Here

31st October 2005 – $10,000 given away every weekday! Click here for your chance to WIN CASH on iWon.com. Click Here

19th August 2005 – What is Paid to Signup? How does it work? Learn more in our new section!

7th August 2005 – Launch of the comprehensive Paid Surveys section. Check out our database of over a hundred paying survey companies!

26th April 2005 – What are affiliate programs? How do they work? We review and compare top Affiliate Programs. Find our more HERE

23rd January 2005 – Have you ever wondered how you could get paid for surfing or promoting? Did you ever hear the word SAS but never figured out how it works? Then check out our new Paid to Surf/Promote page

20th November 2004 – For your convenience, the newly updated TIPS page is now placed in a new seperate section

17th September 2004 – What are SCAMS? Have you been a victim? How do we report scammers?

12th August 2004 – A CONTACT form has been set up for those of you who would like to get in touch with us.

30th July 2004 – FORUMS are a good place to learn more!

24th July 2004 – Do you want more $$$? Learn how to make your own site and SUBMIT IT to major search engines and directories for free. Drive traffic into your site!

5th June 2004 – The new SPAM page explains what spam is, how to get rid of it, avoid it, report it and the typical spam scams! Help us fight the war against spam!

30th May 2004 – Our E-MONEY page now shows you how you can send, recieve, collect and transfer money online!

15th April 2004 – Check out our new SOFTWARE section that contains loads of links to free computer protection software!

1st April 2004 – Just added FAQ section to help the newbies with those first questions!

19th March 2004 – Official launch of the site that includes the PTR-PROGRAMS section, full of links to help you get started.