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Paid to Signup

What is Paid to Signup?

Paid to Signup is a new concept whereby you get paid for every free offer you complete. Joining a Paid to Signup program will mean that you will be earning amounts starting from $0.50 to around $35 for completing free offers. The free offers are varied. Some of the offers will just require you to enter a valid email address, while the higher paid ones will expect you to fill a short form.

The site has also recently included other offers which are free trials. You would be required to try products for free with the intent of keeping them if you like them. However, should you wish to return the products, you would still be credited for the offer completed.

Recommended Paid to Signup Program

We recommend Treasure Trooper as a paid to signup program, because it has proven itself to be reliable. Treasure Trooper has a wide range of free offers to choose from and the offers are constantly updated and expanded. Treasure Trooper pays via paypal when the member has accumulated at least $10 in their account. Considering that there are some $35 offers, the $10 minimum is very easy to reach!Remember joining Treasure Trooper is FREE. So, Click HERE to join Treasure Trooper and start getting paid for completing free offers!