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Forums are the best way to get to know new people, to learn more and to be updated with the latest news and happenings in the get paid to world.
This is a set of forums that discuss different ways of getting paid and making money online. Check them out and get some more money making ideas.

Get Paid Forum – the most popular forum of its kind. The forum is international and has a membership base of over 27000 users. This forum discusses any form of get paid online schemes.

Get Paid Boycott – a forum listing all the scam sites. This forum is international and has a membership base of over 3000 users.

GPTForum – a forum which discusses the different concepts in the paid to world. This forum is relatively new but the membership base is growing steadily.

Work Place Like Home Forum – the place to talk about money making programs and different ways to work at home.

Money Maker Group Forum – this is the place to visit if you want to learn anything about online money making. From HYIP, Bubbles to Money Cyclers, its all in there!

The Get Paid Crusade – a different kind of forum, which lets you take a stand and make a difference to the Get Paid industry. This forum is new and has a small membership base making it a very personal one.

High Rankings – a search engine optimization forum which helps sites be the best they can. This forum is for webmasters seeking to learn new tips to improve their site

Sponsor Chat – a forum that discusses different sponsers. Its paying 5 cents per post and 10 cents per ref. Join Now!

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