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Paid to Play

What is Paid to Play?

Getting paid to play might sound a bit far fetched and scammy. However, we have actually rooted through several hundreds of scam sites to find a few paying paid to play sites.

One of our favorites is Prizee. The site is translated in 5 different languages and already has a 7 million member base. When you join Prizee you will be entitled to one free turn daily at their 10 free games. Each game gives you the opportunity to win some cash and this cash can be redeemed for a check mailed to your house or one of their many beautiful gifts! Should you wish to get more then 1 free turn per day, you can purchase extra turns off the site. However, you are never under an obligation to purchase and you can simply signup and play, win and earn daily for free!
Click here to signup to Prizee. (click on the appropriate flag on the left hand side to change language)

If you are from the US or Canada you might also be interested in downloading the free KERclink! This program will notify you every there are cool new cash games and fun cash questions.
Click Here to download KERclink for FREE!

Iwon is a company that offers cash and prizes for winning some of the games on their site. The games are varied, from arcade, board and card games to trivia and puzzles! However, just by becoming an Iwon member (for free) you will have the opportunity to win cash daily.
Click Here to join Iwon