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Paid to surf/promote

What are paid to surf/paid to promote programs?

Paid to surf or as it is known “Get paid to surf the web” programs pay you to literally surf the internet. These type of programs pay you for inhouse surfing (i.e. surfing sites within their own site) and for sending traffic to the site. This is possible because there are advertisers, who are willing to pay for their website to be viewed on the internet. So basically, you are being paid to view the advertisers websites and products!

One of the best kind of these paid to surf and promote programs is Share Ad Space, because it is the largest, with the best reputation, requires no investments and pays out without a minimum. That means, you can request payout with as low as 1 cent in your account balance (limit of 1 request per month). Payouts are available via Paypal, E-gold and Stormpay

Every time you view a promote page or send traffic to it, you will be credited. The amount credited varies depending on what country the hit originated from. The credits are converted to cash within the program itself. There are absolutely no limits to the amount of traffic you can send to the programs promote page which means you can earn UNLIMITED amounts of money! Signup to Share Ad Space is free and unlike other paid to surf programs, it does not require any initial money deposits, and includes many other benefits. Definately well worth a try.