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Paid to Read Email Programs

Paid Emails are a good way to make money at home from just reading your emails. Paid Emails are also referred to as Paid To Read (PTR). This is a regularly updated list of PTR programs that pay. We do not approve and will not include any PTR companies that spam or scam their members and will list only what we consider the very best of sites. Fight the PTR scams by joining the paying programs only!

For your convenience, the paid email programs are grouped according to their minimum payment terms.

Paid Email (PTR Programs) with No Minimum Payout
TyliaPays – pays monthly
SendMeCash – automatic monthly payouts
The Mail Club – pays monthly
No Minimum – no minimum payout with automatic instant Payouts
World Wide Cash – no minimum with automatic instant payout
Paid Email (PTR Programs) with Low Minimum Payout
DCG Partners – $0.50 minimum payout
So red the rose – $2 payout
Funny Money Rewards – Paypal $2, Moneybookers $5, E-Gold $10
Trinkets and Treasures – $3 minimum payout
Sterling Rewards – $5 minimum payout
Rare Mails – $5 minimum payout
Earn with email – $5 payout
Hauling cash – $5 minimum payout
Gamma cash – $5 for searchers or $9 for non searchers
Wolf Emails – $5 minimum payout (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
Arabian Nights Ptr – $10 minimum payout
Treasure Hunt Mails – $10 minimum payout
5starpromotions – $10 payout (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
PaganMoon – $13 minimum payout
Paid Email (PTR Programs) with High Minimum Payout
Inbox Dollars – $30 payout (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)